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Customer Relationship Management

eManage delivers unparalleled CRM tools that enable enterprise businesses to manage their customer relations, fulfilment services, and all aspects of their campaigns with absolute precision and flexibility.

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Project<br> Management


Optimized to give companies a single system to control their marketing campaigns, global fulfillment, and banking optimization with transaction load balancing.

Customer Service<br> Integration

Customer Service

Everything from help desk, transaction optimization, fulfillment tracking, upsell and cross-sell capitalization – to an easy to use ticketing system.

Global Fulfillment<br> Tracking

Global Fulfillment

Makes order processing easy by streamlining fulfillment services and warehouse management into a single and powerful CRM.

Coupon<br> Management


Generate codes in just a few clicks. We make it easy to use coupon codes to stay on top of cutting edge discount strategies and increase your sales.

Marketing<br> Analytics


Marketing reports, filters, and a custom reporting interface to give you the power to optimize campaigns and easily tailor any report to your exact needs that can be used to boost sales.

Internal Pricing<br> Formulas

Internal Pricing

Gives you the power to create formulas directly in your CRM and use those formulas to optimize discounts and pricing for maximum profits.

Supply Chain<br> Management

Supply Chain

Efficient business tools to help you control inventory. Optimize your re-stock and re-orders for high-efficiency and increased savings.

Banking<br> Optimization


A variety of innovative and high performing banking security features and integrations that protect your bottom line.



Impeccable security and useful internal permission controls allows you to customize employee and management access.

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