IT Consulting

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Our IT consulting department provides training and management consulting in software development, helping companies execute their business strategies in increasingly complex organizations, always using the most modern technology.

Troubleshoot problems with transparency, speed and punctuality: develop, migrate, deploy, automate and integrate systems, building new enterprises, providing expert advice in developing technologies bringing accurate solutions in high-risk situations, always using organized structure to serve the diverse needs.

Our professionals are trained to develop the entire project, which includes designing, development, construction, testing and implementation of customized or pre-prepared solutions, adding value and performance to the customer’s business.

Software Development

As a software factory, Emanage Development focuses on integration systems as well as on the building of solutions which are tailored to clients’ specific needs.

The processes of our software factory constitute a set of steps leading to innovative systems, documenting them extensively, thus generating higher-quality developments.

Our technology area has its focus on the development of applications, their implementation in the administration and systems maintenance, always with a high degree of specialization in modern tools of information technology.

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